Ark Land

A New Science Fiction and Fantasy Graphic Novel    |    Written & Illustrated by Scott A. Ford

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A century has passed since the Arks appeared out of the depths of space and into the blue sky of a humble planet. The alien creatures on board have made this planet their new home. They live in the wilderness, they’re sold in the markets, and their mysterious origins are even worshipped by some. Like hovering shipwrecks, many of the Arks still orbit the planet. Occasionally, fragments of the old Arks will dip into the planet’s gravitational pull and plummet to the ground below.

Kairn is one of many Ark Land scavengers; individuals that salvage, and later pawn, the debris of impacted Arks. But when the local radio station announces a contest, offering a sizable reward for the latest Ark debris, Kairn is unwittingly thrust into a quest full of colourful characters, strange places, and bizarre creatures.

Ark Land Preview debuting at TCAF 2017!

Select Character Concepts

Kairn and PetsKairn is a scavenger of the Ark Lands, accompanied by her three companions: a hover-bot, a dog, and an alien dog

hunters lineupThe Forest Hunters, dwelling on the outskirts of the Ark Lands

Select Location Concepts

The Moors concept art

The Moors (day)

The Moors concept art Night

The Moors (night)

The Skulduggery concept art PURPLE

The Skulduggery

The Town concept art

The Town (day)

The Town concept art Night

The Town (night)

The Sewers concept art newlight MAGENTA

The Sewers

The Forest concept art

The Forest (day)

The Forest concept art Night

The Forest (night)